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Accommodations are changes that can be made in the way the student accesses information and demonstrates performance.Accommodations make it possible for students to work around the effect of their disabilities.They help students access information and show what they know and are able to do.

This picture assumes that everyone will benefit from the same supports.  They are being treated EQUALLY

In this picture, individuals are given specific supports to make it possible for them to have equal access to the game.  They are being treated EQUITABLY

Be in the know! Accommodations resources that you have available to you:



We have excellent resources on all things Accommodations, Keeping Track of Goals, and More at our PADLET from the "3R's" Professional Development that took place Summer 2017. You may access that Padlet by clicking here: 

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Tools to Support the Documentation of Accommodations

Screenshot 2018-08-18 12.29.42.png

The Accommodations at a Glance document is editable and allows you to store the accommodation information of all of your SWD in one place. Click on the picture to access this tool. This is not to be used in place of the IEP or IEP at a Glance. That must still be readily available to you. This allows you to have a "classwide" view of accommodations and plan strategically. 

Screenshot 2018-08-18 12.39.06.png

Utilize a customizable strips form to staple to your student's graded assignment or assessment. 

Reminders and Additional Resources

Accommodations are put into place to meet a student's NEED. The IEP team should have an in-depth conversation about what the student's specific need(s) are and what accommodation(s) will best meet that need in the Least Restrictive Environment. The goal is to have targeted accommodations that are directly connected to the need that is being presented. 

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