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Including Students who have ASD and InD- Resources

We believe that all means all. Below, you will find resources that will support you with meeting the needs of students with disabilities who have Autism Spectrum Disorder or an Intellectual Disability. 


Victories N' Autism

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This website offers resources related to setting up your classroom, managing classroom behaviors, developing classroom procedures, and much more. Visit Victories 'n Autism by clicking HERE. These resources are helpful for ANY self-contained classroom.


This website also offers a LOT of helpful resources for students who are using Augmentative and Assistive Communication devices. Their blogs are the best and they offer free resources to you as well. Visit their site by clicking here

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Watch Know Learn is similar to Power My Learning Connect. They offer videos and activities that can be filtered by grade level and subject area. Click here to visit the site.

Family Network on Disabilities

This website offers resources particularly for residents in Florida but what we like best is their page on social stories. Click here to visit.

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This website offers helpful information to teachers and parents. The information is presented in an easy to follow format that is user friendly. We really like their infographics. Click here to visit. 

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SPED Visual Supports Wiki

This site has visuals that you can use in your classroom along with social stories and a variety of related resources that you may find useful. Visit the website by clicking here

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