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Monitoring Reports

There are reports available to assist schools on how to identify and monitor their Inclusion Rate. 

1.  District Dashboard

Principals may view their school's LRE rate by using the Dashboard Application. Directions to utilize this tool are found here

2. Control-D Web Report Viewer

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M-DCPS employees who have been assigned RACF security access can use the Control-D Web Report Viewer to view and/or print their school's ESE Inclusion List.  This report is a snapshot of each school’s inclusion rate. The ESE INCLUSION/LRE LIST report summarizes the percentage of time Students with Disabilities (SWD) spend with their non-disabled peers by grade and exceptionality.  The steps to access Control-D can be found here and directions on how to understand the report can be be found here.

3. File Download Manager 


M-DCPS employees who have been assigned RACF security access can utilize File Download Manager. File Download Manager can be used by schools to download specific student data for the purpose of identifying and monitoring students’ percentage of time spent with non-disabled peers. This report allows the user to focus on a selected group of students when trying to move to a more inclusive environment. The steps to access your school's File Download Manager report can be found here

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We have created an Adobe Connect Podcast that gives step by step instructions on how to access your File Download Manager report and use it to make informed decisions towards increasing your school's LRE rate.

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